Monday, October 24, 2011

how to fix a old Chimney

How to repair a old Chimney:
to secure your self you can use a harness or something to hold you body so you don't have a accident or fall and hurt your self.It took me two days to prepared and set up my ropes from side to side of the house
wasit is pretty big house and dangerous that is why you have to secure your self not matter what even if is a one level house.
1-clean and break off the old cement
2-put two 2x1 side by side to level both sides
3-mix cement ready to put for walls only and strong bond
4-before you started to put in the chimney you have to put water around the chimney wall
5-put first one layer of cement 1 or 11/1 inches and let dry for 3 or 5 hours
6-when is ready and dry put the second layer and make flat and smooth  with the wood side by side
7-you can do the same process all around the chimney and let dry for 2 days before you paint
8-make sure to put caulk by the roof and chimney  to avoid water problems
9-let it dry and use a hose and put water around and have someone to help you inside of the attic to make sure you don't have water come inside of your house
10-job done and enjoy your chimney for winter and save MONEY!! (do it your self)

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